Realistic Ways To Earn Extra Money

“Why earning extra money is one of the smartest things
you can do today”

Since 1997 I’ve helped thousands of people get control of their debts and start paying them off faster than normal.  You probably already knew that about me.

As you might imagine I do hear some pretty awful stories from people about their financial situations…

    • My husband had 2 lay offs in 2009 with his company and could not find another job.


    • My daughter started getting sick in November and we are having medical bills coming in at a tremendous rate.


    • I’m in a never ending cycle of paying just enough to avoid shutoff.  It’s a continuous cycle of growing debt.


    • I have been out of work for over a year and a half.


    • There’s always something that pops up that wreaks havoc with the budget.


    • Just got laid off from my part-time job, helping daughter with monthly expenses since she is laid off


    • The cost of health insurance is outrageous!


My guess is you’ve experienced one or more of the same feelings as these people.   If not, be warned…they were just like you at one point and then “something” happened.

You don’t need to be as smart as Einstein to figure out that all of these problems could be solved or at the very least lessened if they had more money.

Gone are the days of job security.  It just doesn’t exist any more. Probably the closest thing we have out there is tenure for teachers and you probably won’t see that perk around too much longer.

The person with one job and no other alternative way to earn money is taking a real chance.  I liken it to living on railroad tracks.  It’s not a matter of “if” a train is coming…it’s only a matter of when.

A part-time job is a possibility but wouldn’t it be nice to figure out a way to earn extra money on your own?

Sure, you’ll be doing that work for other people but it will be on your schedule.  No more missing sporting events or family parties because you “had to work”.

If you’ve done any research on the internet about making extra money it’s easy to become mezmerized…


extra money

There is no way you could make any where near that kind of money without a big list and/or friends with big lists.

Why would someone “do for you” a system that would pay you millions when they could do it for themselves or their grandmothers?

The truth is, yes, you can make money on the internet.  You can make money from home.  You can make money anywhere but it takes that old four letter word, WORK!

Hopefully you haven’t fallen victim to any of those scams.

Earlier this year I decided to sit down and document many of the ways I’ve made extra money over the years.

I decided to call this program “Simple Cash Projects” because I realized most people don’t want a business…they just want simple and easy ways to bring in some extra money without having to break their backs to get it.

Does that sound like you?

Then keep reading.


This was probably the fastest and simplest step-by-step way I’ve made money “on the side”.  I followed the instructions for one of your “simple cash projects”, and with just an hour or so of work I made over $55.  Even better, I’ll be doing this again and again.  Thanks, Leo!

Warm Regards,
Sean Payne


One of the best things Victor & I did was to become involved in your training group.

This side income has allowed us to keep our heads above water while we transitioned from unemployment back to a full time job.The extra income also helped as we spent last year trying to modify our mortgage. This help our income come closer to expenses. Which Wells Fargo wanted to see.

Thanks for all you do to help people.

Cindy A
Bartlett, IL

“Simple Cash Projects” Will Do Two Things For You…


  1. Give you at least a dozen ways (with step-by-step plans) you could earn extra money without a job or any special skills
  2. Show you how to make money from the skills you already have AND point out valuable skills you didn’t even know you had!

“You don’t have money problems, you have IDEA problems”

I can’t find out or remember who said that but truer words were never spoken.Seven weeks ago I gave a friend an SCP idea. He had NO experience doing this.  He was pretty good at following directions.   Since then he has averaged a profit of $200 per week.Obviously, he took action on that idea and is reaping the benefits.  How long would you have to work at a $10 an hour job to earn $200?  He makes that $200 in less than 5 hours….talking on the phone and driving his car.Sure, all the ideas in “Simple Cash Projects” would earn you $200 a week and even more.  Some will take longer than others to get you there.  The real secret to earning extra money is ACTION.

All the projects in “Simple Cash Projects“…

    • Are simple and easy to understand and do


    • Can be done and profitable in your spare time from home.  No office needed.


    • Can be started with little or no expense


    • Can be marketed with little or no expense


    • Do not require any special skills or equipment


    • Come from my own personal experience so if you need help, I’m the voice of experience


Leo provided loads of material, information and advice down to the tiniest detail.

In addition, Leo’s energy and confidence in this idea really helped keep me motivated. Most of all, I found his willingness to personally assist me when I needed another opinion absolutely amazing.

If you really want to I definitely recommend Leo’s program.


In “Simple Cash Projects” you will discover…


    • How to come up with your own ideas for SCPs


    • How to evaluate those ideas. Are your ideas profitable?


    • How to get the word out about your SCP for no cost


    • How to get paid for the talent and skills you already have


    • Ways to make money with your computer and without it


    • How to test your SCPs before you spend any money on them


    • Yes, I can show you how to make money in the next 5 minutes but it would only be a few pennies….people WILL pay you to like their Facebook pages. You won’t pay any bills doing that though! End of HYPE! :)


extra money

Earn extra money while fishing



The thing about “Simple Cash Projects” is they ARE really simple.  You will probably want to get more than one going at the same time.

I look at each SCP as a fishing pole.  The more poles I’m using the better chance I am going to catch something and in this case that “something” is CASH.


This is for you if…

    • You’re tired of chasing the unrealistic income promises of others


    • You’ve wasted too much time and money on those scams


    • You’re worried about your job security


    • The rising price of things has squeezed your budget and it’s not getting better


    • Things are going pretty well but you don’t feel secure


    • You don’t see a way to earn extra money in your current job


    • You see major expenses coming in the near future (college, healthcare etc)


    • You’re willing to put in the work needed to succeed


    • You have great ideas but need an experienced hand to guide you


This is NOT for you if…
    • You think there is a button you can push and money comes out.


    • You think the world owes you anything


    • You won’t take action


“I got your SCP idea about 7 weeks ago. Here’s my results…. I have taken in $2900 with expenses of about $1400 so I have made myself $1500. Not bad for very, very little work. In my expenses I have included all costs so my $1500 is a true figure. If I can continue this for the full year, I will pick up an extra $10,500.

Thanks for the great tip.”

RM in the Pacific NW.

“I have used the first suggestion in the book to make $30.89. It was easy just like you said. Thanks a bunch. It is not alot of money but you have to make $30 before you can make $100. This is an awesome book and I look forward to digging in and starting some more “Simple Cash Projects.””



“Simple Cash Projects” Volumes 1 and 2 are a combined 200+ pages in PDF format so they can be INSTANTLY downloaded and read on any computer. No need to worry about compatibility issues. If you are reading this you’ll have no problem reading it.It’s chock full of pictures and illustrations so you can see EXACTLY how to do something.Any you can try it all with absolutely ZERO risk.


GET STARTED IN MINUTES Your investment in this program today is only $47.

Here’s What To Do Now:

Simply click on the “Add To Cart” button and you will be redirected to a payment page.

Once you enter your payment details, you’ll be directed to where you can join the list to be sure you get the FREE Updates to this program.






Q. Projects? I’m not crazy about that word. Projects around the house are no fun. What do you mean when you say “projects”.

A. I define a “project” as something that is quick and easy to complete. It doesn’t interfere with your regular job or time with family. As you read through “Simple Cash Projects – Volume 1″ you will likely find more than one “project” that appeals to you. Do them all. Get them set up…they don’t take long…set your “bait” and wait. Spend 5 or 10 minutes a day tending the “bait” and when you get a bite, reel them in!

Interested in freelancing? You might have a specific talent and just not know how to turn it into cash. “Simple Cash Projects – Volume 1″ will show you how to do that.

Q. Wait. Back up. You lost me. ”Bait?” Are we going to be fishing? There is no way I can put a poor defenseless worm on a hook. That’s cruel!

A. I agree! Earl Nightingale said: “All of the money you are ever going to have is currently in the hands of someone else.” You should think of that “someone” as the person you are trying to reach with your bait.

Q. How much do these “projects” cost to get going? ”Bait” sounds like ADVERTISING and that costs money.

A. To take advantage of some of the SCPs you will probably want to advertise but you may need to expand your concept of advertising. Of course, TV, newspaper and radio immediately come to mind and they are the most expensive.

There are also plenty of other options that are no and low cost. Ever hear of Facebook? Ever see anyone post that they had something for sale…or they were having a home party? That’s advertising.



For one of my SCPs I got my first few customers by placing free ads on Craigslist. Once I determined it was a winner, I started buying ads but only from the profits generated from the free ads.

Depending on your situation you might be able to get an SCP going for $0.

Someone out there might be advertising that they need your skills and all you have to do is contact them and you’ve got a new income stream. It costs nothing to go looking for people who need you.

Q. How much time do these take? I work full time and don’t have a lot of free time.

A. Again, it depends on which SCPs you decide to take on. Some take more time than others but this is your gig…you make the rules.

Q. Will these “projects” work in other countries.

A) The broad answer is YES! Will you be able to do everything exactly as in the US? Probably not but I’d estimate 90% of what I outline in “Simple Cash Projects – Volume 1″ will work anywhere.

Q. What format is the program in?…PDFs, audio, video?

A. At the moment it is 100% PDF so it can be read on any computer. Its got lots of pictures and charts so you can get the info clearly and thoroughly.

Q. How do SCPs compare to network marketing or MLM?

A. You have total control. You make the rules. (I like that part!) You don’t need to hound your friends and relatives to join. You’ll start to get invited to parties again! 😉

Your friends and relatives probably aren’t even a potential customer for your SCP so let them know about it and leave it at that. They may know someone who is a potential customer.

Q. Do you guarantee I’ll make money?

A. Because I don’t know you, your situation, your skills or abilities I can’t guarantee anything other than that I will be here every step of the way to help you.

That said, of course there is also a 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.



If you’re ready to stop dreaming about earning extra money, stop worrying about your money all the time and finally start taking control, NOW is the time.

I look forward to working WITH you because it’s all pretty easy to do when you have an experienced guide.







Leo J Quinn Jr

P.S. If you have any questions about your purchase, I’m just an email away. As all 18,124 of my students already know, I’m available to answer your questions. And you’ll get a personal reply.


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